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Anti fatigue floor mat features
- Jun 04, 2016 -

More frequent use of anti fatigue mats, which is directly related to people's living standards improve. In General durable anti fatigue floor mat the main material is PVC material.
Anti-fatigue mats are made with high density styrofoam. Anti fatigue floor mat product durability and resiliency are particularly good. Elastic soft and anti fatigue mats, foot comfort. Unique anti-UV additives to prevent fading and embrittlement, able to withstand outdoor weather conditions.
Anti fatigue floor mat features
1. surface non-slip texture, structure and design of sloping edge, anti-slip, trip.
2. composite structure buffers the foot pressure, relieve fatigue;
3. easy to clean, easy to transfer, without affecting the normal work environment;
4. surface slip, use a more secure;
5. acid and alkali solvent
6. high fatigue resistance, and ease the pressure of blood circulation in the feet, improve employee health and safety.
7. size: 0.98m*1.6m*15mm

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