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Mat material purchase
- Jun 04, 2016 -

Mat material purchase
1. mats in the Hall: the Hall of household mats main purpose is to decontamination, scrape sand, pollution from dust into the room. So should select the decontamination effect of high wear resistance, good, and easy to clean floor mats made of material, material such as rubber, coconut fiber, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc.
2. entrance mats: Mats can protect the floor from Guanzhong, Xuan, reducing wear on the ground. Entrance mats can choose a soft, acrylic material not easy hair mats.
3. bathroom mats: place mats and bathroom door before the wash basin, is mainly to play of suction effect. So choose cotton or Microfiber pad, especially the microfiber material is preferred. Consumers stepped on it directly after the bath, not only absorb water faster, and feel very comfortable.
4. kitchen floor mat: inside the kitchen mats are used here to keep water and oil into the living area. Recommended use cotton texture mats. Because cotton texture mat oil absorbent well and because it is a natural material, using safe in the kitchen. In addition, polypropylene mats are a dark color, after the stain was not obvious, is convenient to clean. Polypropylene mat also has a big advantage, is the price, the material is also non-ultra fine materials are very durable. In the kitchen this easily using polypropylene floor mats dirty environment, that's the best option.
5. bedroom mats: nowadays, many people like to put a home beside the bed mats, bed you can go barefoot in the fields without the cold. Although the market has a lot of material bed mat, but in bedroom furnishings would advise people to use cotton or Superfine fiber mats. The two kinds of cushion materials safe and pollution-free, and completely eliminate the electrostatic problems, texture and comfort, very suitable for bedroom and children's room.
6. balcony, landing mats: mats in these two places mainly to prevent slip, you can use acrylic material and anti-slip mat