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Selection of yoga mats
- Jun 04, 2016 -

Beginner in yoga mats of different thickness, to choose which one is the most suitable?

TPE Yoga mat
According to material selection

TPE pads most environmentally friendly

TPE Yoga mat product most high-end products, does not contain chlorides, contains no metals, antistatic, each mat is about 1200 grams, about 300 grams lighter than PVC foam mat, more suited to carrying out.

Features: soft, docile, strong grip – to be placed on the ground are more reliable. Compared to the Yoga mat with PVC material, light weighing about 300 grams, easy to carry.

Reminder: Yoga mat TPE materials price is higher.

PVC cheap

PVC foam (PVC, 96% Yoga mat is the weight of 1500 grams), PVC is the name of an industrial chemical, is a raw material. But no foaming PVC was not soft and to skid. buffering role only after it was foam, to produce something like a yoga mat, mat the finished product

Features: affordable PVC material, one could buy, the quality is guaranteed, price is higher.

Reminder: do not buy from the secondary material production of poor-quality yoga mats!

Pads hard to buy

Sometimes, we saw some people in the yoga class to use a bright color, like the Arab carpet-like yoga mats,

PVC yoga mats
It is said that this is an India Yoga mat. The cloth pad from India imported through hand-knitted dyed, you can pad on an ordinary plastic used on the Yoga mat. Reason for doing so is that the plastic material of the yoga mats in contact with skin is bad, and pads are softer, you can carry, when you are using public Yoga mat effect. But do not know whether the cloth pad anti-slip effect ideal?