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Yoga mats sanitary knowledge
- Jun 04, 2016 -

Yoga mats and underlay when is yoga mats, yoga mat types is generally divided into TPE foam, foam PVC, EVA, latex, CBR mats and so on.
Introduction to basic
Yoga is suitable for all types of people, accompanied by practitioners of yoga mats and there are many, but Yoga mat material, what is it? Green Yoga mat is made of natural latex, flax and other natural materials, yoga mat should be soft and elastic, PVC and TPE in two ways.

Now Yoga is almost always to provide practitioners with communal yoga mats, practitioners can practice, is a very easy thing, but yet in the first group the same exercise is equally as bare hand bare you is lying and lying, how many strangers ' sweat to stay on top? Yoga cleansing through it? With more than one person use a yoga mat, as if lying on someone else's site, strange and disturbing.

So choose a suitable heart of yoga mats, and make it easier for relaxation