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Expectant Mothers Need A Safe Home
- Jun 04, 2016 -

Bathroom anti-slip

After pregnancy, health organizations, the system will produce a series of changes, sweat glands and Sebaceous Gland secretion, so you must pay attention to skin health, bathe regularly. To avoid slipping in the shower, bathrooms have focused on preventing problems. Obstetrics and gynaecology experts advocate pregnant women take a shower instead of a tub. This is not just because the tub could easily lead to infection, there is also an important reason for pregnant women-bodied, easy in and out of the tub, the tub does not, creates an increased probability of slipping, and the bathroom is a small, many things, was easier to stomach when he slipped into a premature delivery, Placental Abruption. Even in the shower, also note that because the surface more slippery in the shower, pregnant women focus of instability, it is easy to slip, so it's best covered with mat, to ensure safety.