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Function And Characteristics Of PVC Car Mat
- Jun 04, 2016 -

Function and characteristics of PVC car mat

1. place the mat in automobile instrument platform, cohesionless, unreflecting, not to hurt the instrument panel, with superior adhesion, cell phones, coins, pens, cigarettes and glasses on top of any article, even the brakes or shocks will not slip.

2. the development of special PVC material mat, soft and flexible, non-slip effect is better.

3. can be directly washed to remove dust on the mat, and can be used repeatedly.

4. shapes can be tailored according to the customer's requirements, design elegant, our company has developed and produced several baiduokuan car mat.

5. is a green product, products have passed SGS testing, is the best promotional gifts to promote the company and its products, widely used in automotive products, promotional gifts, advertising and other industries.