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How To Choose A Good Anti Slip Mat
- Jun 04, 2016 -

First, a good non-slip mat to well accomplish its function, such as contamination, blowing sand, water absorption, which is the fundamental criterion to measure mat. 

Secondly, good anti slip mat is easy to maintain, doesn't take a lot of manpower and material resources, should also be durable green, color may look good for a long time. If you meet the above articles, the mat should be acceptable. When consumers buy, might as well go to several stores, the differences of contrast material.

In addition, want to make your own mat is durable, enhancing daily cleaning and maintenance is also very important.
Provides a few simple and easy method for the identification of:
1. mat belongs to home textiles, for their safety and health, most authoritative monitoring international standards are "Oeko-Tex standard 100" international eco-certification, this certification that is harmless to human body, its brands and products have "confidence in textiles". Similarly, domestic China "green carpet" test. When purchasing from finding such inspection mark on the packaging, if any, their safety and health performance is guaranteed.
2. the most direct approach is to touch the mat surface and see if its hair, color, smell is pungent. Quality mat, especially synthetics mat should be odor-free.
3. if you have selected a door mat, you can test the function of scraping sediment. The specific method is: feet of sediment or dirt in on the mat, then stepped on the white paper. Then observe whether the white remnants of dirt, if remnants of the mat to dirt poor function. This testing can even do a few times to prove that mat after continuous use of the effect. If you choose to emphasize the effects of water absorption mat, his hands wet, press on the mat and water residue on the hands. If no residue, its water absorption is good.