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Misunderstanding Of Yoga Mat
- Jun 04, 2016 -

Wear Yoga socks and gloves
While many companies in the sale of these products to you, but in practice there is no need to wear socks and gloves, unless you rather than on the Yoga mat on the floor exercise.
There is no interference, get a full sense of grounding is very important for yoga practice.
Yoga socks and gloves may be lumpy, impede the complete yoga, and they will also become a barrier between you and your yoga mat, you can attain a sense of grounding.
In addition, these items of the bacteria may also be transmitted to yoga mats and your body, so you will have to replace a new Yoga mat.
If your yoga mats are slippery, you can go to the store to buy a good non-slip Yoga mat, get protection for the stability of the feet and hands.