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PVC Car Mat To Keep Items In Place
- Jun 04, 2016 -

Does your car regularly after the brakes or shocks, many small items will slip inside the car, causing some damage to fragile items; do you drive and will find it very difficult to pick up the scattered things? If prepare PVC car mat in the car without worrying about these issues. In addition, the car mat is also used in car trunk. Car trunk is often stored, such as certain protective measures have been taken, often appear worn, broken, and besides, items inside the trunk around impact speeds forward. Using the mat can prevent this from happening.
Mat recommendation
In using Shi to note, first will buy back of phone anti-sliding pad with alcohol scrub and placed in cool at Park half around (can reached antivirus of role produced and Christmas long using life); as don't selection with fragrance of anti-sliding pad, because that is manufacturers added has flavor of, on body harmful of (himself with perfume spray in above is a good of select); in phone anti-sliding pad of using in the best has two block above of phone anti-sliding pad can exchange using!

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