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Spring Yoga
- Jun 04, 2016 -

Yoga is now becoming the most popular weight-loss and fitness, and it is also one of the most slimming methods of science, can not only help the body to burn excess fat, can also help muscles shaping the body. Now to introduce several Yoga weight loss method, come and try it!
1. sitting
Knees and feet together, knees, the concentration of weight on the heels, as if sitting in a Chair. Arms stretched above his head, palms, shoulders sagging.
2. standing posture
Standing toe thumb close together, the heel slightly apart, legs straight, abdomen, hands on the sides.
3. fighting pose
Once upon a time a position, legs straight, take a big step back with the right foot, toes forward. Left knee bent, the right leg straight and arms stretched overhead, on your ears on both sides, palms.
4. fighting pose
Once upon a time a saber, and hip points to both sides, backward-turned feet, and put down your arms, shoulder-high. Palms down. (If necessary, feet can be opened, so that the front of the knees bent. ) Look back at your left middle finger, the middle finger straight out in front of you.
5. down Barb
Once upon a time a position, turned the toe of his right foot to make it with the left foot line in good faith; bend forward from the hips, hands supported on the floor, the left foot just in front of the shoulders on each side. Move the left foot back, and right feet; lift the hips, the body forming an inverted v.
In order to do some action, at least three times a week. Real Yoga is no gaps from one action to another action (not breathing), before proceeding to the next step, every action count 4 to 6 numbers in the heart. The first week was repeated five times and then increase once a week, the fourth week when eight times.
First do it slowly, and once as a warm-up, each position count 6 to 8 numbers.
Before you begin each action, inhale-full lungs, ribs and abdomen-and then doing actions while exhaling slowly. Don't worry; remain equal to the length of the inhale and exhale.