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Suitable Yoga Mats
- Jun 04, 2016 -

Yoga is a popular fitness and yoga mats that go along with the main purpose of which is to prevent sliding and protect the injured knees, hands and feet as a result. Therefore, if you practise your space won't slip, the action will not let discomfort in some parts of the body, actually don't need to cushion.

Can be chosen according to needs the cushion

Selected method of cushion in two ways: select or press materials to selected according to individual needs.

Different schools of yoga, learn different emphasis, your needs will be different. If you study yoga based on flexibility training, most of the time sitting on the mat, then the mattress a bit thicker, softer, sitting more comfortable.

But if you learn Yoga is to bounce-dominated Power Yoga, mat should not be too hard, slip requirements are also higher. Why? because the mattress is too soft, and stand on it to do many other actions will be very hard to do. And this will be a lot of sweaty yoga, if no better mat degree slip, slip will occur.

If the action is not static, nor like a running stream, sweating, is somewhere in between, what the mat better? I will answer "or the thinner". Because it is very soft suspension car, kaizaishan way, like a boat, thick cushions (5mm) the feeling of losing contact with the ground, do a lot of action will have "distorted" feeling. In other countries, most Yoga practitioners love with a thin mattress, is the truth. If you like thin mats doing kneeling down to action, knee discomfort, knee pad or towel.