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The Bathroom More Dangerous Than Kitchen
- Jun 04, 2016 -

Many people may think that the kitchen tools, gas, etc, and easy to cut, burn, where is the highest security risks. But, you know what? is the most dangerous place in the bathroom. Quoted by the New York Times, United States Centers for disease control and prevention said the United States each year, about 235,000 people in the accident was sent to the emergency room in the bathroom, nearly 14% needed hospital treatment.

81% because of fall injuries. The bathroom is the most dangerous act of taking bath or get out of the shower, injury rate of 9.8% per cent. Experts suggest that handrails should be installed next to the tub or shower room, should also be equipped with non-slip mats, in case stands or over fell; the shower to keep your feet dry and bathroom floor in a timely manner; bathroom design the best separation of wet and dry to avoid family water slide, especially families with elderly in the family, it is best to use skid resistant slippers at the end of it.

Older people are more likely in the bathroom were injured. United States Centers for disease control and prevention epidemiologist, zhudi·shidiwensen said, "for people over the age of 65, and sit down or leave the toilet is very dangerous, especially over 85 years of age, half of them are injured while on the toilet. "Experts recommend that families with elderly should consider providing toilet install handles. Data also showed that adolescents aged 15-24 injury rate is also very high, mainly caused by drunk.

In addition, fainting and high proportion of injured by tripping. Experts caution that furniture in the bathroom should be as simple as possible, keep in and out smoothly. To ensure good ventilation in the shower, so as to avoid excessive temperature and humidity cause dizziness, breathing difficulties, etc.

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